Why Critics Attack Kenneth Copeland Ministry

Published: 09th February 2010
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Kenneth Copeland Ministries is an American-based organization which is considered to be one of the most propitious in the United States. It was founded by its namesake, Kenneth Copeland, in the 1970s after being converted to Christianity. He was a former recording artist turned into a Christian author and evangelist. His TV show Believer's Voice in Victory is available to many television channels worldwide. He also has written several books and has offices in different countries worldwide.

Many non-believers, former members, government offices and others from the Christian community criticize the ministry. In 2007, Kenneth Copeland Ministries had been put under investigation as complaints from the public and the media arose concerning the wealth of the couple Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. The Senate committee aimed to find out whether the couple had made personal profits from the donations of their members by overcompensating themselves. Since the church is also exempted from tax, others may hide their personal business under the church's name.

It should be noted that Kenneth Copeland teaches that the members are promised financial stability and prosperity by giving financially to the ministry. Several verses from the Bible are quoted as support for this teaching. By giving, the members are blessed a hundredfold. Because of this, the Kenneth Copeland Ministries has collected millions of dollars and has already bought jets and a constructed a private airport.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries also promises a perfect physical health for its believers. As an advocate of faith healing, Copeland preaches that members can achieve healing from their sickness and optimum health through their Word of Faith. This time he quoted from the book of Isaiah in the Bible that members only need to accept the gift of healing without any traces of doubt and they should be healed. The teaching is met with anger, disappointment and criticism from members who did not achieve what they expected.

From the Christian community, critics particularly attack the Kenneth Copeland Ministries' teachings about Jesus not being a God but humans being one. On the first claim, Copeland says that Jesus did not claim to be a God when he was here on Earth. Instead, he only claimed to have walked closely with God and that was it. However, another one of his teachings is that we are god in ourselves since it was God that created us. A lot of the critics of the ministry consider this doctrine misleading, even heretical. Another teaching that is considered by many Christian critics a heresy is the doctrine that Jesus' physical death was not enough to have saved the people from sin. Rather, it was the spiritual death that redeemed men, wherein he, in a sense, became the worst sinner who was united with Satan when he claimed all sins as his. According to the critics, the traditional belief that the death of Jesus was for God to be at peace with men was distorted by Copeland to mean that Jesus' death was for Satan as a ransom for the life of men.

Kenneth Copeland Ministry will help you to learn more about the Words of God and put meaning into your life by making you spiritually fulfilled. You will know more about it if you become one of its partners. You may want to check out Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

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